Wednesday, March 14, 2012




'The space between two windows'!
Ah! Now I understand.
It's the bit of wall that separates
The windows on either hand!
I suppose it's a word of architects
And others of that kind.
Such a word has never before
Entered in my mind!
But now I know the word exists
I'll be using it a lot.
Whether the conversation
Warrants it or not.
I'll be shouting out, whenever.
Won't my ignoramus friends
Think I'm awfully clever!


(responding to the words of Arthur Rubinstein)

Although I'm not at all astute
Two statements I must now refute;
They may make sense to the like of you,
But I feel that they are untrue.
"Love life and life will love you back."
Now long ago I learned the knack
Of loving Life ! Yes, often voicing
All my reasons for rejoicing
In Life, with all its imperfections,
Tossing me in all directions.
And Life returned the compliment;
And Life and I were quite content.
But now life's drawing to an end;
Will Life (with a capital) remain my friend?
Will Life say 'Give her extra time;
Treat her as though she's in her prime;
She loved Life! Give her a prize!
Put-off the date of her demise' ?
Will it heck! Without a doubt,
Heedlessly I'll be snuffed out!
"Love people and they will love you back"
Another quote from your almanac!
And what a selfish point of view!
'If you love me then I'll love you.'
Learning to love the folk who hate us;
Ridicule us and berate us;
That's an emotion to be admired;
That's the attitude that's required.
I've tried, but I've never quite succeeded
And my efforts have not been heeded,
But still I've felt I should be pleasant
To people considering me unpleasant.
To love, demanding returned emotion
Seems a very unworthy notion.
So, Arthur Rubinstein, you and I
Definitely don't see eye to eye.

A double birthday party yesterday. We met at Jill's house, where she had prepared a feast. There was lots of laughter and badinage. Jan's sister from Holland was there; I don't know what she thought of us!

Tea and Sympathy?

This picture is a couple of weeks old. We were lining-up to go on stage in the choir (the bits and pieces were in honour of a 1920s selection!) Ann was obviously having a little trouble with her 'bling'. But aren't the other ladies.......Loretta, Pam and Nancy.......priceless! Talk about nosey parkers!


Kay L. Davies said...

Okay, you know I'm a nosy-parker, too, so I've just got to know why one of the labels at the bottom of this blog post is "dogs" — I noticed it as I was clicking the comment button, so had to go back to see if I could find any mention of dogs, and I couldn't.
I do love your new word. The interfenestration in our little hobbit house is much larger than the fenestration despite the additional fenestration my husband got me for my birthday in December. I mumble from time to time about "little windows" but he chooses not to hear me.
As for your departure from the planet, I'll not hear another word about it, please. You can't up and off just when we've become friends, it's not fair.

Kat said...

INTERFENESTRATION: Wow.... You're so awfully clever Brenda...!!! :-))))