Sunday, March 4, 2012


asks us to use the following phrase, plus 100 words or less

'Saying goodbye was harder than she thought............'


She thought it would be easy,
Saying goodbye to Ted,
After all she was a big girl now,
Into Barbie Dolls instead.
It was harder than she expected!
On her way to the bin,
Teddy looked her in the eye
And gave her his usual grin.

(32 words plus 7)


I believe in Belief! For Belief indeed exists.
For Followers of Religion and also Atheists.
I believe that I am here, the proof is irrefutable,
So proclaiming disbelief in me seems really quite unsuitable.
I believe that you exist; you're not some shimmering wraith!
Indeed, believing in you, my friend, requires no leap of faith.
I believe the sun tomorrow will shine up in the sky;
But I merely hope that I will be here, watching it roll by.
'Belief' and 'Hope' are not the same, though some may think them so.
Hoping doesn't make things happen; to 'believe' is not to 'know'.
I believe I'm writing a poem; I just hope it will be read.
But I have neither Belief nor Hope of Eternity when I'm dead!


Melody said...

Poor girl! Giving up toys can be so hard. (I even have a couple of my dolls because I couldn't bear to part with them. Now they sit in a glass cabinet.)

Great poems!

Melody said...

Oh! And thank you for coming by my blog this morning :)

Unknown said...

I've read both poems. The first one was humourous, and the second was very serious.

I don't always understand the content, but appreciate reading the well-penned form.

Best wishes,
Goodbye Pierre - SCwk 96

21 Wits said...

Of course Teddy did, because he's just so darn lovable and he knows she'll be back for him...sooner then you think!

Koby said...

DELIGHTFUL!!! So much said in so little words. Great job with this prompt.

Dreaming said...

What a great poem that any of us who grew up with a teddy can relate to.
Love your work!

anitamombanita said...

Oh sad:( poor Ted...

Ames said...

I think some adults never let go of their childhood toys. I can say that because I still have mine. LOL!~Ames

JANU said...


Judie said...

You are just such a remarkable woman. I wish I had your gift.

I kept my bear until I was an adult, and all the stuffing fell out and the fur was worn off. I think I was 30.

Jenny said...

No, no! Bring back Ted!

He will probably be worth a gazillion dollars on Road Show some day...

This was awfully sweet.

And sad, too.

Kids should never, ever grow up.

Unless they're the ones who give you gray hair...


Jenny said...

PS Loved your second, serious poem, too.