Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Good Advice

              Craig Hawkins



As a girl I was obsessed
With being just like all the rest.
It was clear, to be admired,
Being a 'member' was required.
Being 'accepted' was the thing;
Dancing inside that 'fairy ring'
Which was 'acceptance' by the group,
Without which I would fade and droop.
I'd say the catch-phrase of the day
And dress myself a certain way.
If my opinions were contrary
I'd play safe and I'd be wary.
I'd pretend to share its views
For I had such a lot to lose.
But oh the joy of liberation!
Now I'm old, a new sensation.
As life's timepiece ticks and tocks
I have come out of my box.
Being different is a pleasure,
Something I can truly treasure.

I can annoy and irritate,
Talk too much, pontificate,
Mash my food and scrape the plate,
Forget a name, forget a date,
Proudly announce the things I hate,
Arrive too early or too late,
Wear warring colours that simply grate,
State whatever I want to state!
Though I'm heading for the abyss,
This is a stage I wouldn't miss!


Be it box or be it apple,
The female is, of course, to blame,
Causing all mankind to grapple
With death and cruelty and shame.
Eve was strolling in the garden,
Stole the apple, took a bite,
And since then, so the men would have it,
Nothing has been going right.
Pandora was another lady
Who caused Mankind to go astray;
She saw a box and, slyly peeping,
Let all the evils fly away.
She quickly slammed the lid in horror
Trapping the evil, Hope, inside,
And, since then, through trial and terror,
Human hope has never died.
Hope prevents us, in misfortune,
From accepting what will be;
Hope keeps springing up, eternal,
Hope will never set us free.
Eve and her counterpart, Pandora,
Figments of imagination,
Prove that men must have a scapegoat
When in a tricky situation!

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