Friday, March 2, 2012

Unfinished Business

supplied the book cover

Would this blurb persuade you to buy this book?

John Smith Jnr.

In the kitchen the kettle is still warm.
In the bedrooms the bedclothes are still warm.
Even the cushions on the chairs
Are still warm.
But the trail is already cold.
Edie and Murph
Are a devoted brother and sister,
Both infirm,
Both very elderly,
Both inclined to wander.
But together?
Now comes the investigation.
They are not brother and sister!
Their relationship is both 
Learn where they have come from.
Learn where they have gone,
And salivate
Over the years that lie between!
Discover why their past
Has intruded into their present.
And be shocked
By the possibilities of their
Not for the faint-hearted!

From 'The Sunset Home for the Senile'; This would never have happened had they been in our care! Send for our little booklet entitled "Prior to the Exit". We look forward to helping you on your way. Signed; Etta Bone (Manageress). 



I have done it, so have you!
It's an easy thing to do!
I've cachinnated I admit,
And made an awful mess of it!
As a schoolgirl, filled with dread,
I was up before the 'Head',
For some dreadful foul misdeed
Unfit for your pure eyes to read!
With lowered eyes I looked demure;
Penitent and prim and pure.
And then I saw Miss Ross disclose
A great big pimple on her nose!
I cachinnated, snorted, sniggered,
My face, with pent-up mirth, disfigured!
I'd like to say that was the last time,
But cachinnating became a pastime!
On countless times since then, I fear,
I've cachinnated loud and clear!
Weddings? There's a situation
Designed for awful cachinnation!
Someone's hat may set me off!
I try to  pretend I have a cough,
But then I catch another's eye
And both of us simply let fly
Snorting, spluttering, cachinnating.... 
Absolutely devastating!
I can ruin a celebration
With unbounded cachinnation!
'What' you say 'Is cachinnation?'
Read below for an explanation.
* Laughter at an inappropriate time.


Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Your blurb cracked me up -- I especially love the quote at the end.

Cachinnation is a new word for me. I didn't guess before reading the definition, either. I thought it had something to do with laughing so hard one snorts. LOL

Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, a new blog post form. Interesting.
Well, I've been guilty of cachinnation a time or thirty. Just can't be helped, sometimes.
And your book blog...well, I'd just have to buy this book, Brenda. Too many unanswered questions otherwise.

Kim Lehnhoff said...

Intriguing, yet amusing - just what I like in a book!

I'd buy it!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

This is so funny! I started cracking up at "by John Smith, Jnr."

I really want to read this book; I have no idea what is going to happen or what they will find out about this interesting "couple".

Thanks for a great poem on the word of the day too.

Kathy M.