Monday, March 19, 2012

Too Bad!


asked for a VERY short story


'Pack 'em tightly' the Guv'nor said!
Would I disobey him? Never!
Now the wretched man wants a drink!
And they're packed too tightly! Clever!
(140 characters)



Were I an artist, which I'm not,
Snow would be painted white!
Heat would be red and skies sky-blue,
All horribly, boringly trite!
But see how an artist of renown
Takes the rich warm tones of gold
And transforms them with his alchemy
Into sparkling, bitter cold!
We start to warm our hands at this,
A scene with a honey glow,
And then we feel the tingle
Of the un-white, dazzling snow!
The World Premier (and, probably, World Finale) of my new plays took place last evening in the church hall! We had an audience of 72 when we'd expected 60, and it was very well received. Here are a few shots, unlabelled because I'm too tired to do it. Maybe tomorrow.


Pat said...

The Guv'nor will just have to come and drill on one of those barrels and have his wine glass ready.

Your plays look like great fun and hilarity. I assume that all the lines were rhyming? Were you in the Thespians Club in high school and/or college?

Unknown said...

Love the photos...would love a peek at the playbook!

Of course I, the former wine enthusiast that I am, know that the barrels can be drilled and plugged on the side...but let's keep that a secret from the Guv'nor (more for "all the king's men"!)

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

He could drill, but it might be easier to run to the market and pick up a cold bottle there. LOL How wonderful to see our work in action! So cool!

Grandma's Goulash said...

Enjoyed your wine barrel dilemma. Congratulations on the success of your plays. Looks like such fun.