Thursday, March 29, 2012


Tibouchina mutabilis2
The Robbie Burns Garden in the Domain, Sydney

asks us to use the words in blue


Queen of Australia's Autumn, the tibouchina grows,
A mass of purple flowers to greet the eye.
A South American visitor as everybody knows,
But happy to live beneath our alien sky.
Various shades of royal colour  jostle for a place,
Each tree a remnant from a summer gone,
Fragrant in a subtle way but full of glorious grace
And wonderful for us to look upon.

Face the music! You can't get free!
At last you must confess!
Conduct yourself with dignity
Even though you're in a mess
Too many lies you've told I fear!
Here comes the reckoning!
Even if you shed a tear
My response is sure to sting!
Useless to keep up a facade!
Stand tall though wreathed in shame!
I know the telling will be hard!
Confess! And take the blame!


Andy Sewina said...

Love the rhymes, as ever!

Linda Jacobs said...

Beautiful picture and words!

Ellecee said...

A very nice poem about the TIBOUCHINA. I have seen it when visiting but never knew its name.
I like your second poem as well. We should own up, its good for the soul - you are so right :-)

Sheilagh Lee said...

wonderful both of these.Well done.

Unknown said...

We don't have the Tibouchina here in the Sonoran Desert. Now that I've read your enticing poem, I want to know more about it!

Bethe77 said...

Well done! Enjoyed both very much.