Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Mistake!

supplied the prompt


My patter was really excellent; it always worked like a charm.
I'd had a string of eager girls all hanging on my arm.
Even if they looked average I'd tell them they were great;
Instantly they'd realise that I was their perfect mate.
My motto was 'Love 'em and leave 'em'; it worked time after time.
All I had to do was whisper words like 'You're utterly sublime.'
Last week I met this 'candidate'; she was working in a store.
I said 'I wish there were more of you so I could love you more.'
There must have been magic in the air when I spoke to her because
When I said the fatal words 'more of you' suddenly there WAS!
Pisces needs a leader and Aries likes to lead.
So is this the perfect union? I'm afraid it's 'No! Take heed!’
At first, it's all enchanting, as Aries feels protective,
But over time, when passions fade, then comes the invective!
Aries is decisive and, eventually, will seethe
When the Pisces' clinging nature allows no room to breathe.
Pisces in the bedroom is affectionate and sweet,
Feeling the Aries' boldness has made their lives complete.
Pisceans you are popular, because you exude charm,
And Aries feels tremendous pride when you’re walking arm in arm.
But, once you're home, alarm bells give a nasty warning ring,
As Pisces grows more sensitive and more inclined to cling.
Aries can be pugnacious and likes fighting Pisces' fights
But feelings of protection fade, along with moonlit nights!
Both of you can be sharp-tongued, which doesn't help a bit,
For Pisces tries to turn the tide with honeyed words, not wit.
And Aries will be aggravated, feeling it's a bind
That Pisces never, never, never can make up its mind!
Pisces? The perfect Sweetheart, romantic, swooning, sweet.
But you both need another sign
To knock you off your feet!


Wander said...

This take was very fun, thank you!!


Trellissimo said...

A sure case of 'Be careful what you wish for?! Haha!

Little Nell said...

oh dear - I bet he wishes he could take it all back. Nice take and witty too.

Maude Lynn said...

Very clever Magpie!

Brian Miller said...

ah he got his whats he going to do...a sad philosophy on his part

De Jackson said...

What a fun take on this photo! Liked this very much.

ds said...

Be careful what you wish for... great fun reading this! Thank you.