Friday, March 9, 2012

Leap of Faith

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Would this blurb persuade you to buy this book?

John Smith

We associate mysticism
With ancient times.
It was because of this that
Was so misunderstood.
When the other little girls
Were playing with dolls,
She sat in a corner,
Seeing Visions.
Her parents tried
To wean her
From her strange pursuit,
To no avail.
'I shall be leaving soon'
Said Bianca,
Looking mystical.
And leave she did!
One morning her parents found
Her bed empty
Her window wide open.
Read of Bianca's adventures in the spirit world.
Enjoy the chapter
In which a handsome man
Brings her down to earth.
Read Bianca's predictions.
Some of them have already
Come True!
A Model of Modern Mysticism!
The Fortune-Tellers' Fortnightly: An amazing book, combining romance, child-rearing and horoscopes! Bianca foretold rain in October and it actually rained! The Editor.


Every dawn is the new beginning
Of a chapter about to start!
By the end you may be winning,
Or you may be nursing a broken heart.
See your life as a special story,
With you the author each day,
Sometimes finding power and glory,
Sometimes finding there's hell to pay.
Enjoy the characters you'll be meeting,
Defeat the boredom and frequent strife;
The tale that's told may prove quite fleeting,
But it will be a slice of life.
Be the villain or be the hero!
Speak your dialogue loud and clear!
No good story speaks of zero.
Yours may be 'the book of the year'!
Psychologists say that people who see their lives as an on-going story have good mental health.


Maude Lynn said...

Extremely clever book blurb!

Kay L. Davies said...

I always love your book blurbs, Brenda.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Yes, I will buy this one! Very interesting ideas all the way around.

Your Chapter poem is right on too.

Kathy M.

Grandma's Goulash said...

This one isn't my cup of tea - mysticism and children are just a bit too creepy for me. Nevertheless, I'm sure that this one would have a large audience of readers. And the fact that your blurb gave me the chills, says that it was well-written indeed.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

This looks like a fun read. As usual, your end quote cracked me up. :)

Great poem on life as an ongoing story.