Saturday, March 31, 2012

Foreign Body

suggests the prompt 'bodies'


She had a Foreign Body in her eye;
She couldn't get it out though she did try.
She dabbed it with some ice
But although it felt quite nice
The Foreign Body wouldn't say goodbye.

She tried to do contortions with the lid,
But the Foreign Body burrowed in and hid,
Till she shouted 'I'm in pain!
I believe you come from Spain!
Foreign Body, please go back there!
And it did.


The teacher saw the little chap was fighting with his shoes
And she saw it was a battle that he was sure to lose.
He was tugging, he was pulling, he was sticking out his tongue
And the teacher went to help him because he was very young.
‘Come on Freddy!’ Teacher said, ‘We’ll soon get these darned shoes on!
It’s very nearly home-time and soon you must be gone!’
So she also started tugging and pulling, really hard,
While all the other children were already in the yard.
At last the shoes were on and Freddy, who was very sweet,
Said ‘Teacher! They’re still not right! They’re not on the proper feet!’
And indeed, the right was on the left and left was on the right.
Thought the teacher ‘If I don’t work fast I won’t get home tonight!’
She duly pulled the shoes off and started once again,
Tugging, pulling, wrenching them with all her might and main!
‘At last! They don’t fit very well!’ the exhausted teacher said.
‘Well’, said Freddy,’They’re not my shoes.They belong to my brother, Ted.’
The teacher wasn’t very pleased but she tried hard not to scold
She said ‘Now we must find your mittens, The weather’s very cold.’
And this was when she decided teaching wasn’t the job to choose!
‘My mittens?’ responded Freddy, ‘I stuffed them in my shoes!’


Anonymous said...

"foreign body" ... what a creative topic

unfortunately, I know this pain all too well ... glad it finally went back to Spain

Margaret Gosden said...

That was me all day today, how did you know! But why Spain?

Marian said...

i love these, both of them, but especially the shoes at school! love your style here, wonderful!!

Fireblossom said...

A "foreign body" from Spain! I'm laughing all right.

Herotomost said...

I hate getting something in my eye....and wish I could send it back to this, a little slice of all too real. Great job.

Margaret said...

Both are witty and fun... but the last one just killed me. I put on my little boys shoes for him every day... and it can be quite a chore. Funny, when my girls were his age, they knew how to dress themselves completely ... and did it several times a day (to my annoyance :)