Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An Eye-Opener



A piece of crazy advertising,
Or so it seems to me!
Perused, I gather, by human eyes
Suffering an allergy.
Your eyes are already stinging
Or running with allergic tears
When suddenly, on a banner,
This goggle-eyed 'thing' appears!
Is it 'before' or 'after?
Is it suffering or is it cured?
Are the eyes expressing recovery?
Is discomfort still endured?
Are the little paws expressing
An awful desire to scratch,
Or pointing to two recovered eyes 
(Which, fortunately, match)?
Some advertising agency
Was probably well-paid
For creating this little Gremlin,
Which doesn't make the grade!


Did ever you hear such music?
There's a story in the notes!
A story of butterflies of gold,
And sugar-candy boats
Sailing on seas of lemonade
Among fish that are living pearls.
And everything can come true for us,
All the little boys and girls.
Did ever you hear such music?
I can taste the notes as well!
There's my favourite supper in it.
What a delicious smell!
There are apple pies and pancakes
And jelly and custard too.
And if we follow the music
All our dream foods will come true!
Did ever you hear such music?
There are play-things in the song!
Teddy bears and rocking horses!
Everyone, come along!
We're going to have fun for ever
With all our favourite toys!
Follow the Pied Piper
All you girls and boys!

1 comment:

Maude Lynn said...

That advertisement is crazy. What were they thinking?