Saturday, March 3, 2012


chose the topic of 'uniform'


If your'e nursing an ambition
To rise to some great heights,
And on a mighty mission
You decide to set your sights,
Track-down a dress-designer
Before you make a move.
For you need an out-shiner
If you have a lot to prove.
It's no good looking dowdy
If you want to rule the earth,
The people will get rowdy
And treat your aim with mirth.
A Dictator must look bigger
Than all the other men;
He must seem to have a figure
That earns ten out of ten.
His shoulders must look broader
Than shoulders really are;
When he calls his folk to order,
They must know that he's a star.
So, for Dictatorial Dressing
I suggest The Epaulette;
When you set-about impressing,
They are the best thing yet.
Underneath you may be bony,
A scrawny little chap;
We wont guess that you're a phoney
And we'll fall into your trap.
You'll be a great Dictator,
Dine with Crowns and Coronets.
(You can reward me later
For advice on epaulettes.)


People who're posh always have big brains,
Or so they like to think.
They can go to Eton and schools like that,
If they happen to own a mink!
The most difficult crosswords devised by man
The posh can do with ease,
Because they're so terribly upper-class.....
We only come up to their knees!
So why this crossword collection?
Maybe it's full of 'posh' words.
Like 'mater' and 'pater' and things like that.
Seems it's only for the birds!


Kerry O'Connor said...

Indeed, the epaulette seems very 'in' this season!

Mary Ann Potter said...

Dang. No wonder some politicians' wardrobes are woefully inadequate - unlike this poem which is fabulously wonderful and wonderfully fabulous! 8-)

Herotomost said...

You are so right....the right uniform accessories can make a smushy man look smashing. I have yet to see a naked Great piece.

Fireblossom said...


got to love it!