Saturday, March 17, 2012




'Cute' is not my favourite word but here it's justified.
Here is a bright pink Mother Pig, piglets drinking at her side.
As you see the baby pigs are technologically designed,
Little USB pigs! What an attractive find!
I imagine a whole farmyard could be, in time, assembled,
With all the suckling animals carefully resembled.
Mother's tail isn't curly, that's my only gripe,
But realism's not aimed for in novelties of this type.
Technology can be sterile, but, in this delicious case,
We are looking at technology's delightfully playful face.


A boring human baby doesn't really have much history,
I speak of the 'pink and fleshy', with not a lot of mystery.
But a jelly baby is different; its story is written down
And, in confectionary circles, it's a 'baby' of renown.
Jelly-babies were invented at the end of World War One,
To celebrate the fact that war was over, finished, done.
The 'babies' represented renewal; a brand new generation;
They were launched with quite a fanfare and every expectation. 
But production ceased in World War Two; sugar was in short supply
And 'peace' could not be celebrated when men were going to die.
However, their popularity continues to this day
And it seems that jelly-babies are surely here to stay.
One interesting footnote...... nearly fifty years ago
The Beatles adored the 'babies' and let everybody know.
So, in England, they were pelted with them when on concert tours,
By screaming fans, who added them to conventional applause.
When the Beatles went to America, jelly-babies were not known,
So the crowds threw jelly-beans instead, each one like a little stone!
They found this rather painful, and each gave a little yelp!
(Maybe they'd been singing that well-known ballad ......'Help!')


Bunnym said...

your right...I don't often use the word "cute"...but that is...
My daughter who is an Ag Major would love this...gonna show it to her...


roxxy said...

Super duper cute..I so love the usb concept.. :) *wink*

Visiting from PS
Hope you can visit my page too!x

Unknown said...

Those are cute! Who says being tech savvy had to be geeky or there'll be bout a kangaroo pocket pc pal!! You're right they could have a whole Noah's Ark.

Whispering Thoughts said...

Definitely cute.

Jackie McGuinness said...

Love these little piggies!!

Marti McClure said...

These little piggies are so cute! And I bet if I bought this my kids might not lose their flash drives. Although my son has a surf board flash drive right now and last week a girl stole it at school because it was "so cute". Of course it had the only copy he saved of his 7 page term paper! Luckily we got it back in time. Happy Pink Saturday. ~Marti

Chubskulit Rose said...

Cute indeed! Visiting late for Pink Saturday.

Green Goodies is my entry. Please come by when you get a chance. Have a great week ahead.

Carolyn said...

Now that is a clever way to decorate a USB. Thank you for sharing!