Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pink Floyd

suggests the colour

It fits well with my son's birthday.


My son, Greg, is 'in the pink',
Simply teetering on the brink
Of middle-age, he's sad to say;
His fortieth birthday is today!
But I recall times long ago
When I, his mother, worried so.
Surely he'd go right off the rails
Like all the other reckless males!
He'd drink too much and kill his liver!
The thought of it made Mother shiver!
He'd drive too fast and crash his car!
Well, you know what these 'P-Platers' are!
He'd meet some floosie and do his dash!
He'd probably give her all his cash!
He'd take to drugs and cook his brain!
He'd throw himself beneath a train!
He'd take exams and always fail!
He'd certainly end up in jail!
As for his music, it was clear
A mother had a right to fear!
Pink Floyd! The lyrics that extolled
Young men to be all wild and bold!
Saying 'Go to Hell, you teachers!
You are unimportant creatures!
We wont be bricks in any wall!
We are great and you are small!'
It was clear a revolution
Was presently in execution!
What power had I to stem the tide?
I simply hung my head and sighed.
My son was destined for disaster,
And Pink Floyd would be his master!
Yet he came through it all at last.
The years between have gone so fast,
And now he's upright and mature,
A model citizen, that's for sure.
Husband, father, a teacher too!
(Something I never thought he'd do!)
So, if your son is on the skids,
Hanging-out with the other kids,
Singing lyrics that make you squirm,
Rejecting school from term to term,
Piercing his nose and other places,
Having tattoos on arms and faces,
Never ponder, never fear.
It'll be O.K this time next year.
Well, maybe not as soon as that
But he wont forever be a brat!
Then you'll lie sleepless in your bed
Worrying about his sons instead!!

The Lyrics that horrified Mum!

We don't need no education
We don't need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone
Hey teacher leave us kids alone
All in all you're just another brick in the wall
All in all you're just another brick in the wall


quilly said...

Ah! But rebels make the best teachers because we know how to reach the rebels! ;)

Happy belated birthday, Greg.

srp said...

And now finally... a Pink Floyd reference.. the first I have seen today! Great job. My pinks are up here.

Unknown said...

from Pink Floyd, most of us ended up with too much education.:D

love your treatment of the theme. i love Pink Floyd.:P

Briana said...

Loved your poem!! The perfect PINK connotation...and probably the only song I ever liked by Pink Floyd. It said so much!

Didn't get to "post" my pink on TNChick before she closed comments, but it's up now.

Kat said...

Such a nice and comforting poem, to people worrying about their Sons eccentricity :))))

Was grinning to your shooting the reader's blood pressure up with concluding lines....

Then you'll lie sleepless in your bed
Worrying about his sons instead!!

rakeback said...

Pink Floyd was one of the most revolutionary groups of the last 40 yars ago. They werent afraid to go against the grain and try something completely off the wall. They are still brilliant musicians and I am a huge fan of David Gilmour!