Monday, July 6, 2009

The Return

comes up with some terrific ideas!
This time we're asked to take the opening lines of
The Listeners by Walter de la Mare.
and 'carry on'.
The Poet's original words are in blue.


"Is there anybody there?" said the Traveller,
Knocking on the moonlit door.
And it seemed I knew the voice,
For it made my heart rejoice,
As it did so long ago, in days of yore.
"Is there anybody there?" Yes! It's your voice!
The sweet voice of a lad of just sixteen!
How I used to wait and wait
For the creaking of the gate!
I've remembered through the lonely years between!
'Is there anybody there?'..... Then we parted;
We grew older and the letters never came!
And I tried time and again
To let others heal the pain
But I never changed; I always felt the same.
'Is there anybody there?' It must be you!
For that was always our especial phrase!
I would always say 'I'm here!'
Very soft but very clear,
For our parents kept a watch in early days.
'Is there anybody there?' Say it over;
Say it time and time again, so I'm quite sure
That the voice I hear is yours.
I would open any doors
To find the boy I loved so much before.
"Is there anybody there?" Yes! I'm coming! 
I'm running up the hall with lively tread!
But I do know that the most
I can hope for is a ghost,
For the telegram has told me that you're..... dead!
More spooky stuff here:


Winifred said...

I remember learning this poem by heart as we used to have to do in junior school. One of the few I can still remember.

That certainly captured the mood.

Tumblewords: said...

Excellent - you've captured a ghostly and distant love...

Kat said...

I am remembering a movie... the bridges of Madison County.... the lady would sprint to receive some post, from her love..!!!

nice poem.