Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Greg!


It isn't every day a son
Turns 'a good bit more than twenty-one'!
A whole lot more, ain't that the truth!
But to me he'll always keep his youth.
Whatever years he may enjoy
He'll always be my little boy!
(I know for a fact he'll hate this verse
But it could have been a great deal worse!)
And the preceding poem is, by coincidence, Greg-related too!

An early Greg incident here:


2sweetnsaxy said...

Happy Birthday to Greg! :-)

Jo said...

Happy Birthday to Greg. What a goodlooking son you have, Brenda. I'm sure he'll love the verse. Thanks for sharing.

Margaret Gosden said...

Belated birthday greetings - when you were younger I could not see a family likeness in the pictures that were sent to me. Now I do see it in this photograph!
Staying trim is one of the best ways of growing older gracefully.

Kat said...

I feel like that 'tortoise' in a kid story. Plodding behind 3 months..!!!!

Hope Greg had a wonderful birthday. And he must be feeling happy... that he has a wonderful MOTHER.