Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In the Red!



I don't know about other countries
But here, in the Land of Oz,
The 'Wrinklies' go off on coach trips.
Maybe that's because
Their driving days are over.
Being driven is so relaxing,
Driving with hoodlums on the road
Can get to be quite taxing.
Now don't go thinking 'Canada' when you see the written name!
Our Toronto's a little place
With not much claim to fame!
So, the coach is a bright and cheerful red,
The sky is a brilliant blue,
Ruby Tuesday's taken care of!
We're taken care of too!
Insight into coach trips here:


at the cottage said...

"wrinklies" hahaha. I call them affectionately, silver bugs ;) I better be careful because I am sure they will be calling me something soon.

What a nice red Toronto sign :) I now have to look up Toronto in Australia. I am a Toronto Canada Gal who now lives north of the city in the country.

What a great blog


Ralph said...

I thought the bus door on the left seemed odd. The Canadians may just drive on the wrong side of the road...

Carletta said...

'The Wrinklies' - love it!
A great poem to go with your pick. I really enjoyed it.

Kat said...

Can see that Wrinklies are going places..!!! Great.