Saturday, July 11, 2009

Grandmother's Garden



It's a pity the roses weren't blooming, for they are a beautiful sight,
The red and the pink and the yellow, the cream and the rust and the white.
It's a pity the sun wasn't shining, for the sky is a uniform grey,
And everything looks more inviting when it's seen on a sunshiny day.
But I still found these statues quite charming, with a pose that was taken from life.
For the man who created the garden based the Grandmother on his wife.
I'm sure the real children have grown now, for this was a fair while ago,
And it's only the little stone children that stay as they are and don't grow!
But I still think the idea delightful, and I hope to enjoy it anew.
Next time I'll enjoy all the roses and bask in a sky that is blue!

The statues are grander here:


Mari Meehan said...

the wonderful thing about art is that it can perpetuate wonderful moods!

quilly said...

What a wonderful tribute the sculptor made for his family, and you've enhanced it with your words.

annalarssonphotography said...

Beautiful shot and I love this sculpture!
Great words too :)

Have a nice sunday!

Kat said...

Beautiful statues
Graceful poem..!!