Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Colombarium



Roaming around the Cathedral grounds I saw a strange new word;
It was 'Columbarium', a word I'd never heard.
I peeped through the shielding wrought-iron gate to see what lay inside
And there I saw a memorial wall to people who had died.
Their ashes were buried in the walls very carefully
For nobody to tamper with but for all the world to see.
The precious wall was guarded by a sturdy iron gate.
But it's good that friends can come there to stand and contemplate.
It was then I suddenly noticed magic wrought by the sun!
Life's full of light and pattern, when all is said and done.
A more personal memorial here:


Mari Meehan said...

Makes me wonder how Michael Jackson will be buried. Cremation would be more suitable I'd think!

Dr.John said...

A very thoughtful poem.

Hey Harriet said...

A wonderful wrought iron shadow you've captured. And a beautiful poem accompanying it! Have a super week :)

Unknown said...

I enjoyed browsing your blog--what an awesome gate ss and beautiful poem accompanying your post!

Kat said...

and you weaved a nice poem around the discovered columbarium..!!