Sunday, July 5, 2009



All Hail those Opposable thumbs!
From whence our humanity comes!
If you don't see the point
Of that one little joint,
Strap it up and try picking up crumbs!
They evolved when we swung in the trees,
And we found we grasped branches with ease!
And we shouted 'Yahoo!
Look at what I can do!'
Because picking up nuts was a breeze!
Then, as time went on by, thumbs became
The pivotal part of the game!
They were needed for gripping,
To stop things from slipping,
They were part of our progress and fame.
Imagine your hands without thumbs!
Try pinning a nappy on, Mums!
We'd still be uncouth
And you know that's the truth,
If we grasped with our teeth and our gums!
Now I just heard a strange piece of news,
That has meant I am blowing a fuse!
The dolphins are showing
The thumbs they are growing
And they're featuring them as they cruise!
Now dolphins are smart as can be,
They do tricks as they swim in the sea!
Their brains are immense
So they're not at all dense,
And I know they'd run rings around me!
Now, before you start roaring with mirth
At this strange little quirk of their birth,
Consider the fact
That we may be sacked
And that they may inherit the earth!
See! And he's smiling!


Guy D said...

Lovely posting. Happy 4th of July from up in Canada.

Regina In Pictures

linda may said...

Cool Brenda.
Thumbs on dolphins?
Sometimes I am all thumbs and I can't fly through water.

Bogey said...

If anything, the Dolphins would be more deserving of this planet than we are. Thumbs or no thumbs!

Sherri B. said...

So cleverly written...wonderful! This one made me smile. :~)

P.S. Beautiful music...very soothing.

Dee Martin said...

Maybe they would get rid of the flags :)
Wonderful take on human!

Tammie Lee said...

my goodness, the dolphins certainly deserve the earth! fun take on 'human'!

when the musics over said...

I've always maintained that my dogs were quite envious of my thumbs. :)

Kat said...

how good those days were...
swinging on the trees, without traffic jams..!!!

with all the tree cutting these days, had to learn to adapt to walking..!!

That dolphin sure is showing thumbs up..!!!