Friday, July 10, 2009

First Flash!

A crude firework.


I do wish I'd seen the first firework.
I wish I'd been there at the start.
When the first one went ZIP!
I'd have done a back-flip
And felt a great jolt in my heart.
These days we are so used to fireworks
That we feel no amazing surprise
We may shout out a 'Yay!'
Or in Spain an 'Olay!'
As we gaze at the feast in the skies,
But we know what a firework will look like
Before the first fuse has been lit.
The great balls of fuzz
May give us a buzz
But we don't all collapse in a fit!
It is said that a cook in old China
Started messing with bits of bamboo
He then packed it tight
And set all alight,
The Saltpeter and black Charcoal too.
Whatever possesssed him to do it?
He must have leapt up in the air
When the whole thing went 'BOOM!'
And scattered the room
Causing damage beyond all repair!
Yes! I wish that I'd seen the first firework,
And that look of idignant surprise.
But, at my insistance,
I'd have watched from a distance
While not really believing my eyes!

A very different invention here:


Tumblewords: said...

Superb! I so agree with this very clever piece - to have seen the first one would be a treat!

Andy Sewina said...

Dead good! reads like a musical hall song!

Linda Jacobs said...

I don't normally like limericks but this one is great! You made it work!

Kat said...

On 17th October we have Deepavali festival. (festival of lights..) and there'll be lots of fireworks over here..!!