Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fern Gully



Seen on a walk along the track
The ferns all in full leaf.
Which made me think back to the past
And a very strange belief.
How could the ferns be propagated?
Seeds did not exist!
Maybe the seeds were invisible!
Then they could be missed!
Shakespeare believed this theory
In 'Henry IV, Act Two',
He speaks of the invisible seeds
So he believed it true.
Another interesting point
Of which I've recently heard
Is that seed was only collectible 
On June 23rd!
At all other times the goblins
Snatched the precious seeds
Or caused them to drop on the ground
Among the twigs and weeds!
The discovery of spores, of course,
Ruined this charming theory;
A scientist called Lindsay
Gave the answer to the query.
What a lot of history
Attached to the humble fern!
(The more I blog, the more I read,
And, also, the more I learn!)


Dreamtime ferns here:


Darlene said...

And when you learn you, in turn, teach us in rhyme.

Margaret Hall said...

Indeed, the more we read and blog, the more we learn! How interesting that we can take something as simple as a walk and turn it into a blog post???...Delightful...

quilly said...

I love ferns! Their smell and their scent mean tranquility to me. As a small child I used to fish in a small stream protected by towering pine trees and soft fragrant ferns. I loved that spot. When I wasn't fishing I would read or write of sometimes even nap there.

Lovely photo. Lovely poem. Thank you for the memory.

Margaret Gosden said...

Very interesting. In enlarging your photo I see an object caught up in the branches - something with a handle almost hidden in the foggy upper half. Nonetheless, the photo is beautiful!

Kat said...

Amazing to see you oscillating between Henry IV, Act Two to the goblins that snatch the precious seeds..!!!!