Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Newcastle Club



Just a little bit olde-worlde, just a little bit past its prime,
But with an air of warm gentility.
The Newcastle Club is an icon on the summit of the hill,
Exactly where an icon aught to be.
Our Speakers' Group meets weekly in these very hallowed halls,
And we sit around a table such as this,
And my weekly dip into the past, with the service and the food,
Is something that I'd really hate to miss.
There's a very British feeling pervading this old club,
With its leather chairs and silver coffee pots,
And we look out over the river as it flows way down below
And see the coal ships and the fancy yachts.
Modernity's all very well, and I like a place that's slick,
But there's something about the old club's atmosphere
That makes me very thankful that not everything is new
And that I can still enjoy a 'yesteryear'.

From the Brochure
Certain types of Club are typical of the British tradition. The Newcastle Club is a characteristic product of that tradition. The member or visitor  entering its doors  could not mistake it for anything other than it is. There is the solid dignity, the restrained air of permanency  unchanging yet ever replaced.  The Club has been fortunate in leadership which has ever thought in advance of the demands of the moment and which is handing on to new members fine buildings, permanent furnishings and equipment and habits and customs adapted to those who accept leadership in the Community. Club standards whether at cards or at the bar, have been carefully controlled by successive Committees; if membership is now more widely based the standards of behaviour and club comradeship have been upheld. The Club has been more than a social meeting place for a limited section of masculine population, it has exercised real influence and offered distinctive leadership in theNewcastle area and has acted as interpreter of Newcastle conditions to visitors interstate and from overseas. Long may it continue, independent, prosperous and invigorating.  

A very different sort of club here:


Sylvia K said...

Great shot and interesting place! Thanks for the extra info!

SandyCarlson said...

Aged to genteel perfection!

Mark Kreider said...

I agree in every way! I really like your musical selection.

Leslie: said...

Gee, these places still exist today? Wow! Lucky you to be able to meet there. :D

Kat said...

Wow.... looks the place where King Arthur and his gallant knights meet..!!!