Friday, July 17, 2009

There Was a Little Cloud


With apologies to the nursery rhyme! You know, 'When she was bad she was horrid' and all that!
We live next-door to a sports oval!


There was a little cloud
That hung above the crowd
Right in the middle of the game!
When it was good 
It was very, very good.
But now it's going to pour!
What a shame!
Taking liberties with another nursery-rhyme here:


ItaJeff said...

Great shot
Happy skywatching

Bradley Hsi said...

I like it, the nursery-rhyme. The cloud in the picture seems moving in very quickly with a storm.

Jim said...

Fab shot.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

quilly said...

Ah, that cloud. I know it all too well!

Eric(SWF Holland) said...

Nice SWF-entry,

Have a nice weekend!!

Will said...

Nice shot and a good rhyme to accompany it.

Kat said...

The clouds really manage the bull's eye.

Middle of the crowd
Middle of the game..!!!