Thursday, July 30, 2009

Red, White and Blue

I was strolling along in town one day when this Junk Shop caught my eye.
Now I was only idling, dreaming as I passed by.
I was thinking of writing a poem about Red, White and Blue;
( When 'True Colours' suggests it, that is what I do.)
'I must avoid the Union Jack!' was going through my mind
Followed by 'What alternative am I possibly going to find?'
Being a Brit, 'Red, White and Blue' had me standing to attention,
But then it seemed too obvious to even rate a mention.
When suddenly a window seemed to flash across my gaze!
And it filled the said criteria in really perfect ways!
Now, when the owner made a plan to change her window theme,
What made her think of this decor, this blended colour-scheme?
And what made me walk down that street? It's not my usual route!
And what made me glance at her window, so crammed with pre-loved loot?
I'm really not superstitious! I prefer reality.
But this was a great example of SERENDIPITY!
Sometimes luck can be bad here:


Sistertex said...

A fantastic find and an even better poem! Well done, Rinkly.

Poopsie aka Blue said...

Chance finds are always the best, I relie on them a lot.

Cheryl Cato said...

Fun... and of course in this part of the world I'd think of "Old Glory" rather than "Union Jack". Do you suppose the U. S. used red, white, & blue in its flag as a reminder of England?

Kat said...

SERENDIPITY seems to have become part of your life :)))