Sunday, July 12, 2009

Indulging in Dreams!


Once upon a time, my friends, milk didn't come in cartons;
It was squirted into buckets from a cow!
And it was carried in those buckets on the heads of pretty milkmaids,
Who walked along without a jerk or bow.
As they walked along the country lanes the milk was busy sloshing!
You could hear the sound created as they came.
And our tale concerns a milkmaid who was very fond of dancing;
And Adriana was the milkmaid's name.
Now Adriana day-dreamed, about this thing and the other
And she often hummed a merry little song.
And on the day I speak of she was feeling very happy,
And she smiled and chuckled as she walked along.
'This milk belongs to Father, but I wish that it were mine!
I could separate it, turn it into cream!
I could turn the cream to butter and then sell it in a moment.'
This is the way the girl began to dream.
'People would come from far and wide to buy my lovely butter!
For mine would be the nicest ever made!
And I would make some money and buy a dozen hens' eggs,
So rich and shiny and so newly-laid.
And lots of little chicks would hatch and grow up to be big ones
And they'd cluck and scratch  and grow fat in my yard!
And soon I'd have a  thousand hens and I'd be rich and famous.
How wonderful! It wont be very hard!
Then I'll buy myself some dresses; they'll be silk and lined with ermine.
And I'll go to all the dances in my gowns.
And the orchestra will strike up and the men will all pursue me,
Wealthy gentlemen from this and other towns.
But I will take no notice for I'll know the Prince has seen me,
And I know he'll soon be asking for my hand.
And the gentlemen will weep and wail to think that they have lost me
And I shall feel particularly grand!
Then one fine day the Prince will come, with all his trumpets sounding,
And I know that he'll be kneeling at my feet.
But I think that I will tease him just a bit at the beginning;
I'll just stand there looking beautiful and sweet.
Then I'll toss my head like this' she cried…….!' And that is what she did!
How foolishly her silly head was tossed!
Of course the bucket wobbled  and then clattered to the ground
And every little drop of milk was lost!
It spattered all the hedgerow and it flowed along the path;
It splashed and gurgled in the running streams.
'Now Father will be angry,' the foolish milkmaid cried.
'I've learnt a lesson. Don't waste time on dreams!'

Daydreaming works here:


Dee Martin said...

gave me a chuckle :)

Tumblewords: said...

So: don't count your butter before it's churned! You're sure good at these - a fun read -

Megha said...

Very nice. Takes me to old days...great narration

Kat said...

The moral still is "Dream, but do not toss head"..!!!!