Sunday, July 19, 2009

Roslyn Reserve


It lies between the houses like a little secret place;
Almost like a grotto, in a way.
Like a little piece of summer that was somehow left behind,
For us to find on a chilly winter's day.
It isn't quite a park; there are no roundabouts, no swings,
In fact there aren't amenities at all!
Not even paths to walk along, though shadows fleck the grass,
Thrown down by gum-trees standing straight and tall.
And it's there we took my grandson to run between the trees,
Chasing the dog and playing in the sun.
It felt like a private Paradise, designed for just we three,
So near and yet so far from everyone.
Max encountered trees a year ago here:


A Wild Thing said...

I miss the days of romping through the woods with a young Grandson...he's now 21, so I see him only occasionally these days.

Enjoy Grandmother!

quilly said...

I think you are a Mary Poppins kind of grandmother and you just make the impossible, possible. Your grandchildren maybe to young to see your magic, but I am certain they enjoy it.

Margaret Gosden said...

Lovely shadows here, too! A lovely retreat.

Kat said...

A lovely place to take one's Grandson. Max sure is lucky to have a sweet Grandma.