Friday, July 10, 2009

Murder by Multiplication!

publishes a very romantic 'HEART' picture!

But I recalled this rather cruel joke, which is probably not in the spirit of the blog! Sorry!


Elsie and her husband were golfing on the course.
They couldn't stand each other; they were heading for divorce!
Elsie wasn't bad at golf; at times she was the goods.
But, this day, she hit her golf-ball into the darkest woods.
While fumbling in the grass she found a frog caught in a trap,
It seemed so sad to see the creature suffering this mishap!
'Poor little frog!' cried Elsie, 'Come! I will set you free!
With the spring released the little frog soon hopped about with glee.
'I am no ordinary frog!' he said ' I look quite tragic
But now I'm free I'll prove to you that I am really magic!
Three wishes I will grant to you, health, wealth, long life and such,
But, you see, your husband's going to get exactly ten times as much.'
Elsie considered for a while then said 'I understand.
I have a generous spirit. Proceed as you have planned!'
'Then wish!' the frog exhorted her ' For soon I must be gone!'
'I wish for glorious beauty!' cried Elsie, 'Bring it on!'
Immediately she was lovely as any flower in spring!
Well' said the frog 'You husband's pleased! In the handsome stakes he's King!'
'Now I wish for great wealth' cried Elsie, ' I want money bags galore!'
'Remember!' once more said the frog,'Your husband gets ten times more!'
Soon Elsie was surrounded by enormous bags of gold!
'What a lucky husband!' said frog 'He's wealth untold!'
'Now, finally' said Elsie,' Since you have this clever knack,
For my final wish, please give me a very small heart-attack!'

Frogs to the fore here:


Anonymous said...

LOL! Oooh she's evil in the end here, wot? Caught me on that one, HA! Wasn't expecting that...

And I've seen the whole "poison frog" thing done, in some of my mystery books, as well.

Too, I'll be updating my links o'er the week-end :)

quilly said...

I am clapping! This was wonderful! I wondered what she could possibly ask for that her hubby wouldn't want.

Dee Martin said...


Darlene said...

Oh, that was quick thinking on Elsie's part, but very mean.

Brian Miller said...

ha. nice twist at the end...well maybe not so nice for hubby, but that is beside the point. great play!

Kat said...

Jeez.. from the applause received for this poem, think it'd do good for men to murder that frog on sight, before it grants wishes to more womenfolk :-)))))