Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Leo!


Lucky lucky Leo, truly born under a shining star!
Let's hope you're very grateful you're the person that you are!
Love triumphs over everything from a Leo's point of view;
The heart is first and foremost in everything you do.
Totally devoted and faithful , you'll love long as you live.
But if anyone ever breaks you're heart you wont bother to forgive.
Should you be spurned you have the power to shrug and just move-on,
You'll never hanker for lost love after that love has gone.
But the break will rarely come from you; you'll be the one who's left,
But, because of your sunny nature, you wont remain bereft.
There's a very robust ego lurking in Leo's breast;
You love yourself (in the nicest way) so you cope with all the rest.
Everyone likes your wit and charm but you must be centre stage,
And you must be a lion adventuring, not lurking in a cage!
Because you desire the larger-than-life,  your tastes are....well....they're tasteful,
And this may result in spending-up and being very wasteful.
Public Image is important; there's lots of 'Look at Me!'
And that's O.K. because most people like what they can see!
You have the power to go through life with a sunny smile, Amigo,
But don't forget, not everyone  likes an overdose of ego!
I hardly need to wish a Leo a Very Happy Year,
Because they're all set-up for it; that is very clear!
Happy Birthday Leo!

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And not just because I am one - my birthday comes later. I shall accept the wishes however.

A granddaughter was born on the 19th - teh one for who Ma knitted that layette - just misses being a Leo , I think!