Monday, July 6, 2009



The term 'Bonza!' is an archaic one, never used these days. But it seemed right here!

It isn't in my nature to preen and smirk and gloat!
My modesty is such that I can say it is of note!
But I've just read an article I'm glad I haven't missed
Because it says Australia is third on a certain list!
'The Happiest Countries in the World!' That's what the headline shouted!
And then I read statistics which I have never doubted.
Of the topmost ten , South America claimed no less than nine of the places!
So, in South America, it seems, are the happiest of races.
But we came third, a worthy spot, considering we're 'advanced',
And with all mod-cons and technology our country is enhanced.
A cross-section of the public filled-in a questionnaire,
And so there's every chance, I think, that the questioning was fair.
Two other well-known countries, of interest to me,
Were certainly much lower on the list than number three!
One was number 74! But I wouldn't want to name it!
114 the other! But I'll never, never shame it!
All I know is, in every case, the people that one meets,
In Australia, on the beach or walking down the streets,
Agree they love this country, both the freedom and the sun.
Next year we'll do much better!
We might get Number One!
Read the other side of the coin here:

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Kat said...

Congratulations Australia.... for being 3rd on the list of happiest countries.

This serves as an inspiration to other countries to climb up the ladder