Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Green Glove

is a blog devoted to fighting
Global Warming.

This offering sneaks in because Obama is in favour of
Thinking Green


An ancient Bible! A modern hand!
The Obama Oath! Something hugely grand.
Something watched by everyone
Viewing this African Rising Son!
But the lady with the glove? That day
Did she wake from her sleep and say
'My green leather gloves! They'll be just right
For a day when Hope is glowing bright!'
Did the colour green seem to denote
A new beginning, and strike the right note?
And did Obama stop right there
And think 'Now that's the colour to wear!'
I'll never know, but it seems to me
That Green Glove is part of History.
More gloves in history here:


Patty said...

Nice! I say she probably wore it, since it matched her outfit.

Valerie said...

Fashion conscious! Loved the way you gave fame to the green glove.

Kat said...

You've gloved the poem real Green..!!!