Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Days



This photo, in the summer shade is not a recent shot.
It was taken several months ago and things have changed a lot.
I wanted a photo of the group, so we posed beneath the trees.
(Our city's very fortunate, to have palm trees such as these.)
Here you see a group of friends who met to act out plays.
Some of my happiest hours were spent with them in former days.
The group's still in existence, but many have departed,
And there has been one certain change that has left us heavy-hearted.
One of these charming ladies has been utterly devastated
By a quite appalling accident, never anticipated.
But roots go way into the ground, and shoots are Evergreen.
So this is not a sorrowful shot but a bright and hopeful scene.
A different sort of friendship here:


Patty said...

Very nice photo. Thanks for sharing. Not sure, but isn't that you on the end? Or am I making a fool of myself for picking the wrong person.

Roan said...

Love the green shirt! Very nice group picture, and the palm trees make a nice backdrop.

Kat said...

Everyone looks so cute and sweet, with a smile blossoming..!!!