Monday, July 6, 2009

That New Black Magic!


This is a parody to the tune of
'That Old Black Magic'.


That New Black Magic politicians spin
Must take the blame for all the mess we're in!
They twist events and then they bend the views,
They tilt the speeches and they tweak the news!
We stand with open mouths to take it in
We're quite agreeable to swallow spin!
Then down and down we go, round and round we go,
Like the Babes we're lost in the Wood!
We should use our brains
But what can we do?
We're unaware!
And they don't care!
The next election looms very near
So gobbledygook is all we hear!
That New Black Magic politicians spin
Makes sure we're losers and makes sure they win.
So every time I hear a speech
Watch me!
Down and down I go, round and round I go!
Twist and twirl about
Filled with a never-ending doubt.
Under that New Black Magic called Spin!

Maybe the King of Spin here:


quilly said...

I don't know that it's black magic, but your poems are certainly spellbinding!

Bogey said...

I see you suffer from the same turmoil we do. We have politicians who, out of one side of their face, tell you they are going to cut taxes. Out of the other side of their face they tell you all of the new incentive programs they will start. What they neglect to tell is where the money is comiming from. Imagine, a globalized spin cycle!

Kat said...

Magic is illusion...
Add a touch of black to that - and that's rightfully described as 'politics..!!!