Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sunday Diary

July 26th

Last week was miserably cold, but this week we had a mini-heat-wave, as can be seen in the press photo published on Wednesday.
 The temperature got up to 24 degrees in some areas and we found we were all improperly dressed! Now we have proper winter weather, chilly but bright. I am the only member of my family not making the most of it! Malcolm has gone off to a British Car Day on the Foreshore! Rebecca, Brian and Blake have hired a houseboat on the Myall Lakes for a day or two and have gone fishing. While Greg, Michelle, Harry and Max have 'gone to the snow'. This is a 'must' for many Australians, although the skiing in the Snowy Mountains is erratic and expensive. Anyway, we hear that conditions are ideal there now so I look forward to some great photos for my blog when they all return. Here are Harry and Max demonstrating their hired snow-gear.
And just to demonstrate last week's weather, this is what Max wore to sweep our yard straight after the snow-gear picture!
World news hasn't impacted on me much this week. But I was horrified by the New Jersey arrests in America! Not that there isn't corruption here (and all over the world) but it was such a consortium! And I always wonder about the mass of other criminals getting away with it! Our local news was dominated by coal! We saw a very sad documentary featuring the glorious farmland in NSW being dug up for coal! Beautiful country and the miners swear they wont ruin it but one wonders. Lots of protests in the wind. My cartoonist friend, Peter, published this in Saturday's paper. It sums up everyones' feelings.
Last Sunday was a quiet day. I went on a shadow-hunt for my blog. This entailed a long coastal walk on my own clicking at every opportunity. With the sun winter-low there are more shadows than in summer.
Monday saw me in Entertainer mood. I went to a local VIEW club performing poetry. They were having a Lavender and Lace Day and they'd gone to a lot of trouble with the theme. I brought home a pot of lavender as a gift. Here you see the audience and the 'theme cakes'!
On Tuesday evening our Book Group met. Only we didn't discuss a book. A discussion about WW1 novels recently gave rise to an evening of watching Malcolm's old copy of the ancient film 'Oh What a Lovely War!' which I have always found fascinating. I'd like to see a new version of it but I doubt if it would be a popular commodity nowadays.
 We had the usual convivial supper, here depicted.
On Wednesday I spent the day writing. I'm in the midst of writing a shortened version of 'The Red Barn' so I was very happily occupied. Thursday was more exciting as I organised the entertainment for a 'Xmas in July' lunch at Malcolm's Probus Club. We had a gargantuan festive meal first. Here's a decorated table.
And here am I instructing my somewhat unwilling 'cast' in how to die tragically in a melodrama! Linda is the dead one (she was the Old Hag!)
On Friday we rehearsed 'Jeopardy' again and I was delighted with it. I had severe doubts about it ever getting off the ground as we had problems with cast sickness etc, but it's all coming together. I feel I'm able to book the hall for our November 'Family and Friends Night' now.
As I write I am all alone in the world. Well, not quite. We're dog-sitting Rebecca's dog, Banjo, while she's off house-boating. I'd better take him for a walk!
Till next week.