Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Peachy Pot



A glorious work of art, but, I'm sad to say, a cheat,
Because the artist has portrayed peaches ready for us to eat,
At the same time he has painted blossoms on the self-same tree,
Something which could never happen in nature, naturally.
The blossoms fade before the fruit has shown the slightest sign
But even so the whole effect is very, very fine.
It was made in the Quing dynasty, so its value is immense
And no-one really bothers if the pictures don't make sense!
Peaches meant immortality to the Chinese of the time,
And, in this case, 'peachy' signifies something priceless and sublime.

A Chinese folk tale here:


quilly said...

It is not unusual in HAwaii for mature fruit and blossoms to hang upon the same bough -- but of couse that would not happen with the peach because it never gets chilly enough in Hawaii to convince the peach Summer has ended, thus Spring never arrives and the tree doesn't bloom.

Bogey said...

My favourit summer pie....mmmmm Peach Pie.....can't wait!

Kat said...

Probably the King in the Quing dynasty ordered the artist to ensure the fruit and blossom in the same tree :))))