Friday, July 3, 2009



inspired this.

In every life some rain must fall
Nothing is perfect, as I recall.
Just as things start going right
Upset with the apple-cart....that's our plight. 
So we miss-out on our just deserts!
Told we're not wanted! And it hurts!
I'm on the bottom of every pile!
Cursed with injustice all the while!
Everybody but me does well. So 'Everybody' can go to Hell!

A bad case of injustice here:


Savannah said...

I know just how you feel! You are spot on, as Amias would say.

Savannah said...

Of course this is a prompt from June 13th, but it's never to late to post it, as we enjoy reading your acrostic. For me, I love the rhyming.

Kat said...

Can see that Acrsotics is running in your blood these days :))))

Reading this am reminded of the song... don't worry be happy performed by Bobby McFerrin