Sunday, July 26, 2009

Not So Mellow Fruitfulness!

Alphonse Mucha


What a curious expression! What on earth did Alphonse say
To give rise to such a very withering glance?
It can't be all that easy holding armfuls of fresh fruit!
So is she feeling put-upon, by chance?
Has he told her to be gentle with the apples and the pears?
Has he questioned her involvement with the grapes?
Has he told her to be careful how she warms them with her flesh?
He may not want some over-ripened shapes!
Is she just a little peevish with that head-dress on her head?
It must prickle like the blazes, I'm quite sure!
Such foliage is charming when it's growing on the trees,
But to stand there wearing it! Well, that's a chore!
Certain leaves have slipped their moorings and are very uncontrolled!
There's an orange one that's tickling her cheek!
And Alphonse is quite ungracious if she dares to move an inch
So she's certain he would never let her speak!
Did I hear aright? He's saying that she's getting overweight!
He says she's getting heavy round the chin!
He's looking for a younger model with far less derriere;
One who's prettier and verging on the thin!
Seek no further for a reason for the baleful, chilling look!
We've solved the problem! Hence the curious pose!
As soon as he has finished she'll throw caution to the winds
And come and punch old Alphonse on the nose!
P.S. I came upon this gorgeous 'steal' on someone else's blog!
I can't resist including it with mine!
It seems 'that look' was common! One just can't help but think
That Mr Mucha was a perfect swine!
Charla Pettingill
Another intriguing model here:


Anonymous said...

'Tis a right grand interpretation of this work. Kinda leaves one to wonder about the true goings on behind it, wot?

Winifred said...

That was a brilliant poem. She looked a bit like Medusa with that headdress.

LA Nickers said...

What a story you weave.

carmilevy said...

The trajectory of a life can indeed change with but one look. Your journeys are sublimely addictive.

Kat said...

for that look by that pretty girl, men must be falling flat on their nose :))) How can this Alphonse bicker..!!!!