Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I know very little about American politics, but the Madoff Affair has certainly transfixed me! We watched a fascinating TV program about it the other night and the thing that struck me is that the gentleman in question isn't the only criminal! He started with petty crime and then got in so deeply that he just had to carry on. But where was the Government Body, the so-called Watchdog all this time? Mimicking the poor old creature above if you ask me!


I'm getting rid of my Guard Dog. Guard Dogs are too slow.
They just can't see what's beneath their noses! Guard Dogs have to go!
They do a lot of barking and make a sort of stand,
But when real danger rears it's head they bury theirs' in the sand!
I thought of a very good swear word to get rid of them today!
I'll just shout 'Mad Off!' in their ears and watch them run away!

He Madoff with our money!

A rather more common crime here:


Tumblewords: said...

Yup. Where are they when you need them? Clever piece!

Barb said...

There surely were others that knew. There had to be.

anthonynorth said...

Enjoyed that. Clever.

Sue said...

Clever, and creative!

Margaret Gosden said...

This is a face that, sadly, is not a 'dear old face' in my book, even if he hadn't ruined a lot of people. What a good job for those who look like him that there are others in this world whose tastes differ from mine!

Kat said...

Its the imitation watchdogs who'll have to be sworn off, with a good swear word.

Probably if a real watch dog that bow-bow is put.... it would've ripped off Madoff's trousers when He Madoff with our money! :)))