Monday, June 8, 2009

Incredible Inedible!

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Place-names can be funny. Driving the roads of Kent
I saw a really puzzling name and I wondered what it meant.
It was a normal road-sign pointing to west and east,
But I have to say I didn't understand it in the least!
'HAM SANDWICH' was the slogan, but there was no snack-bar there!
Advertising a nothing, well, it hardly seemed quite fair!
However, I've since discovered that 'hemmed-in' is meant by 'ham'
And a 'sandwich' is just a sandy place, so not really a sham.
Both words come from the Saxon and so date way, way back.
My only disappointment was the absence of a snack!

More uncertainty on the highway here:

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Kat said...

heh heh.. the sign board sure seems to have secreted the digestive juices.