Monday, June 8, 2009

Perfumed Light


I read this hint in a Handy Hints book. I haven't tried it myself, (and it's a bit late now) but, judging by the illustration, it's likely to work! The hint before it concerned ants!!!!


Heading for a night of love
Or a passionate interlude?
Spray perfume on the light-bulbs
To get 'him' in the mood.
The heat that emanates therefrom
Will last the whole night through
And, best of all, he'll always think
The scent has come from you!

A less-manipulated perfume here:


Jo said...

Oh LOL Brenda! I heard this hint early in my marriage and tried it one night. My husband lying in bed, saw me spray perfume onto the hot bulb (stoopid I know!) and screamed at me to stop else I'd blow the glass. Your rhyme brought this incident back to me!

Jo said...

Hi again Brenda, I re-read your post and see the hint before this one is about ants. Do tell. My house is inundated with ants for the first time since we moved here.

Valerie said...

So that's where I went wrong.

Kat said...

In these times of reported recession, probably one can save on the perfume by spraying it on 'his' nostrils :)))

Unable to hide my grin reading Valerie's comment So that's where I went wrong.