Friday, June 19, 2009

Not Such!

Newcastle Herald

Not such Merry Weather at Merewether Beach!
But this gentleman pursues his morning caper!
Some hardy folk still swim
Though the weather's pretty grim!
This photo from this-morning's local paper!

A summer weather forecast here:


Dr.John said...

Great poem but a really bad day for a swim.

Nathalie H.D. said...

Oh wow, I know exactly where Merewether Beach is and I can relate to that photo!

The heat is getting unbearable here - but then summer is almost upon us!

Bogey said...

I'm finding the way I look at weather around the world a little humorous lately. Perhaps it is because I live in a more northern climate and accustomed to forever changing seasons. When I hear of the 'Wintry' weather of Australia, I think about what shorts (Low 12/High 17)would I be wearing.

Thanks for letting me spend some time on all of your blogs; they have a little bit of everything.

quilly said...

Wet is wet, yes? Although any hint of lightening would cause me to run for shore!

Margaret Gosden said...

We've been getting rather used to such cloudy conditions here! I would love to do what he does - getting into the weather itself, but the cold would be a knock out. Great photo and poem!

Drewe said...

Very cool - though he is certainly dedicated! Been a long time since i've been to Merewether :D

Winifred said...

Brenda that picture just reminds me of the Boxing Day dips in the North Sea. Brrrrr!!!!!

Kat said...

That sounded good. Some people's attitude. Weather doesn't stop them from doing what they like..!!