Sunday, June 21, 2009



Cancer is a sign that's often filled with contradictions.
Cancerians want comfort yet they yearn for the next thrill.
They are very, very caring yet they can appear indifferent.
They love their home and yet they long for what is over the hill.
They are loyal and dependable, but a spouse must be supportive.
And a family-life is what these 'crabs' most fervently desire.
They treasure friends and nurture them and it's rarely they neglect them,
They'll keep them from their childhood till the time that they retire!
They have a way of making other people feel they're wanted:
A certain sort of charm that sets aquaintances at ease.
But they're fragile, unpredictable themselves and full of doubting;
They need to be encouraged, or enthusiasms freeze.
They must be needed or they feel they've failed at something vital
They need constant reinforcement to convince them that they shine.
At parenting they're top-notch; it's the star-sign of the parent.
With their sensitivity they'll be doing fine.

Marital advice for Cancer here:


Unknown said...

I'm a cancer - July 1. I've always found this description to be quite accurate. Some people call us "moon children" but it has never stuck with me!

Darlene said...

Cancers sound like wonderful people. I guess I was born a little too early since the twins are supposed to be rather fickle.

The Duck said...

Mummy is a cancerian!

Tumblewords: said...

So true. I'm forever amazed at your ability to transform information into lovely rhymed poems...