Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lady In Waiting.

Gustave Courbet


Is she asleep? I doubt it. Look at that studied pose!
Look at the languid layers of her delicately draped clothes!
The arm thrown casually upward entrapping a lock of hair!
Surely you don't mean to tell me she doesn't know its there!
That foot behind the ankle! Another fraud no doubt!
If she were sleeping soundly the rear foot would slip out.
She'd sprawl in a mode ungainly, with her skirts spread much too wide!
The ankles are a giveaway, that cannot be denied.
But then we come to the bodice and the breasts almost on show!
The little gauzy covering enhances what's below.
And, believe me, Milady knows it, for wasn't she the one
Who complained of feeling rather warm out there in the mid-day sun?
And didn't she loosen the buttons, in an absent-minded way,
And didn't they accidentally gape because of the way she lay?
I know your tricks, dear Mildred! For I've been a young girl too,
And I know just what you're doing, because that's what young girls do!
I know the Gamekeeper's coming; hear his footstep beyond the trees!
In a second he will pass here as you languish at your ease.
And he'll stop in his tracks when he sees you, with a quick intake of breath,
And you'll sit up wide-eyed and shaken! 'Oh Giles, you scared me to death!'
But she knows, and he knows and we know that the whole thing is part of a plan,
For Lady Mildred's a Lady, but Giles is a red-blooded Man!

A more innocent courtship here:


quilly said...

It takes a good bit of guile to look quite so guileless. Yes?

Arija said...

I took a liyyle time today
to wander through your works
and was intrigued in my own way
by little things that bubbled up
of observation pure
flowing o'er my brimming cup
and asking still for more.

Kat said...

Sherlock Holmes would've envied the perfect deduction of Lady Mildred's intentions..!!

Kept oscillating back and forth between the poem and picture - lovely..!!