Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Black and Tan

has chosen black-and-tan for this week.

This is a Black and Tan trading stamp from fifty years ago
With James Brown, the musician, obviously on show.
As well as being famous for his musical ability,
He liked to put himself about with some lack of humility.
His styles of music were funk and soul, which I don't like a lot
But it seems he was a genius and his music considered hot.
That's all I know about this very famous gentleman!
But he helped me find a picture that was, truly, 'Black and Tan'.

Back to the sixties, also, here:


quilly said...

I Feel Good, always makes me feel good. JAmes Brown was as infamous as he was famous. I just finished reading his bio on wikipedia, and now I think I know why. Thanks for the education!

Kat said...

Is a trading stamp different from Postal Stamp?

Good the eminent gets recognised in these.