Friday, June 26, 2009

Leon Day!

(How could you!)


I hear it's just been 'LEON DAY'!
What will they think of next?
The concept gets me in a spin
And feeling rather vexed!
LEON spelled backwards says 'NOEL'
And Noel's the Christmas season.
Leon Day marks halfway there!
So now I know the reason.
I'm not yet over last year!
Is this year on its way?
Is now the time to start the stress
Of another Christmas Day!
I'll like it when I get there
But at least let me relax
Into the middle of the year
Without the panic attacks!
Should I start packing presents?
Should I write a Christmas card?
Should I start to string the pretty lights
All round about the yard?
Dickens has much to answer for!
Tiny Tim sealed our fate!
Just for now let nothing happen!
I'm going to hibernate!

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