Friday, June 12, 2009

Who Would Have Thought It!

Mannikin Pis: Brussels
offered a 'Weird Statue'

Mine isn't exactly weird but it was intriguing at the time.
Why had the postcards been preserved?


It's not really in my nature to post a shot like this;
You could say I'm modest almost to a fault!
But this funny little statue takes me back into my past
To a time and place of quite a different sort.
I refer to the nineteen-forties which were very, very staid
And my Grandpa who was never heard to swear;
Both he and Grandma were 'upright' as many were back then,
And this rectitude was often hard to bear.
He was a really jolly man, but the times were so restricted
That he felt he always had to be correct,
People worried what the neighbours thought and were good at keeping secrets;
In fact I'd say that they were circumspect.
Now my Grandma had a 'front room' where we hardly ever went;
It was kept all neat and tidy 'just for best'.
It wasn't called a parlour but it really felt like one;
If we entered she was certain to protest!
In the 'front room' was a fireplace, with two stools on either side;
They were square and finished with a leather trim.
I discovered they were storage boxes, holding this and that!
With bits and pieces piled up to the brim.
One day I crept inside the room to do a little prying;
I suppose I was about thirteen or so.
And I looked at bills and cuttings that were really very boring;
Just ancient 'rubbish', so I delved down low.
And up there came some postcards, a whole book of them no less!
They were such a startling thing for me to see!
A whole array of postcards of just one little statue;
The one you see above! The 'Mannikin Pis'!
I never asked about them; that would have been unwise;
They'd have labelled me as wretchedly uncouth,
For the world was very different in those days of long ago,
In the mealy-mouthed days of my ancient youth.
But I never looked at Grandpa in the same way after that!
( I never considered Grandma, strange to say!)
His 'naughtiness' intrigued me, yet it fascinated too.
And I am still bemused by it today!
My Grandma features here:



Nice! We used to call this statue Brussell Sprouts!

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