Sunday, June 14, 2009

His Mark.

I was about to clean the window. ('About time!' did I hear you say?) *
But then I saw the finger-prints I was about to wash away!
They are little Max's and he is only two.
Washing-away his little prints seems an awful thing to do!
One day he will be three, then four and in no time twenty-five
And I wont even know him then for I wont be alive!
I'll save those little finger-prints for a day or two or three;
It's a good excuse for downing tools and having a cup of tea!

*I assure you the window isn't THAT dirty! It's the magnification that does it!

He was even younger here:


quilly said...

You can wash the prints from the window because I am certain they are indelibly etched on your heart!

Kat said...

Was laughing at the pains taken to clarify that the wondow wasn't dirty..!!!

Quilly's comment was touching.