Saturday, June 27, 2009

Deprived Childhood!

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This is about one I never had!


I never had a Shirley Temple Doll!
That's why I'm such a crazy mixed-up pensioner!
Shirley Temple was the icon to extol.
I still go weak if anyone should mention her!
For she was such a perfect little girl,
With her dimples and her pretty curly hair!
She could tap-dance, she could curtsy, she could twirl!
All in all I felt that life was hardly fair!
But if I had had a Shirley Temple toy,
Some of the magic might have come my way.
And so I tried out every female ploy
Nagging my parents each and every day!
'All the other little girls I know have one! It's true!
I'm the only one without one that's for sure!
If I don't get one I don't know what I'll do!'
On and on I'd go with many an encore!
So my Mother bought a 'Shirley Temple' dress!
It said it on the label at the store.
So, in a way, I had a small success.
Though it never really evened up the score.
My life has been deprived, as you can see,
And I very nearly turned to alcohol!
Are there any others out there just like me
Who were denied a Shirley Temple Doll?

Here I am in my consolation dress!

Another doll-centred piece here:


quilly said...

You were every bit as cute as Shirley Temple. Aside from that, the one thing we never become disenchanted with, is the one thing we wanted but never got!

Marja said...

Oh what a cute picture I remember the shirly temple films She was indeed very adorable So that's were my problems in life got from I didn't get that doll either

irene said...

Your poem sweetly sings. Your dress is too.

Valerie said...

Now I know the reason, it's because I didn't get a doll ... or a dress.

linda may said...

Love the picture of you Brenda. So cute. Thanks for sharing your talents.

Margaret Gosden said...

A great picture, perfect in many ways, so very like you, too. Did Shirley Temple come before or after Elizabeth Taylor, I wonder - because to ride a horse (or is that a very pretty donkey) was another childhood wish that was never fulfilled.

Granny Smith said...

This is such a reminder of the '30s. I did have a Shirley Temple doll, but I would have traded it for a pony! Was he yours? You and your dress are so cute!

Dee Martin said...

Hey, at least you had a pony!! I always wanted Chattie Cathy - pull her string and she talks! I did have a Tiny Tears doll though. she slept with me and lived with all my little girl fantasies. I had her so long that her "rooted" hair had bald spots and her eyes that closed when you laid her down? One stayed open forever - kind of creepy huh?

Winifred said...

Well you look great on that pony in your posh frock Brenda.

No I never had a Shirley Temple doll. Have to say I didn't even know they existed until I read your poem.

I was addicted to my golliwog. There I've said it. Now I'll have the PC police after me now for having racist attitudes when I was 5!

Kat said...

My my my..... was admiring your picture. You look like BARBIE doll..!!!!

And like one of our valiant young princess Jhansi Rani on a horse..!!!