Sunday, June 21, 2009

If Only!


If only you had humoured me and waited!
If you'd hung around a while and contemplated.
If you'd looked deep in my eyes
They'd have made you realise!
You'd have soon ignored the trouble I created.
Yes, I know I said 'I absolutely hate you!'
I said that, darling, just to aggravate you!
'I wish that you'd drop dead!'
Yes, that is what I said
But I only said those words so I could bate you!
You were supposed to whisper, so I heard,
'My darling girl, I don't believe a word!'
You were supposed to hold me,
To let your arms enfold me,
You were supposed to say 'Don't be absurd!'
But your expression seemed to change instead!
You went white and then you suddenly went red!
It didn't seem quite real
When you just turned on your heel
And then you slammed the door and simply fled!
This being on my own I've always hated!
I just can't cope when life gets complicated!
You should have realised
It was all just love disguised!
If only you had humoured me and waited!*

Another misunderstanding here:


gautami tripathy said...

If only it was that easy. But it isn't..

deathless ghosts

keith said...

Oh dear! I think we've all made that mistake at sometime or another! Great take on the prompt.

jabblog said...

Think before you speak is not a bad rule by which to live.

Kat said...

Sounds a bit complicated, the love disguised..!!

And if the person just tells " I love you " it too could raise a question in the other's heart - whether the words are again, as usual, under disguise..!!!!

Tilly Bud said...

A whole romance captured in a few words; very nicely done. Tell me, is there any hope they'll get back together?

Anonymous said...

A complex scenario, but how well you have written it. Emotions and regrets are difficult to write about at the best of times, but to write them in such accomplished a rhyming poem takes skill. Bravo.

Diane T said...

Ah, we all lose it sometimes. If only we didn't!

Wayne Pitchko said...

wonderful Brenda.....thanks for wharing your words

Anonymous said...

Nice! I like the metre and rhyme (limerick style, right?), the way it's carried throughout, rollicking through a story that, if true, is really quite sad. I can certainly identify with the "if only" of wanting to repossess words I've spoken...

Mr. Walker said...

Yes, if only we called each other darling more... A good take on the one that got away - or is it ran away?