Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fade Away

Boris Reidel

gives a selection of phrases to work with.
I chose this one.


Faraway a lone bird calling
As the golden mist is falling.
Darkness hovers near at hand
Evening shadows paint the land.
All the trees stand tall and black
While the next bird answers back.
And the moon has risen to say
'Your lovely day must fade away.'

Another evening here:


quilly said...

Nice -- with all the subtle nuances of a sunset.

Arija said...

A perfect marriage!

Dorothi said...

Lovely....its really very beautiful and full of images....Keep writing!!

Margaret Gosden said...

The imagery all works well together, and the picture, too. Not so much a marriage, more a manage a trois!

mysterious gal said...

wow that was a beautiful interpretation ..lovely acrostic...keep writing :)

Anonymous said...

Tat was bful..

Savannah said...

This is such a wonderful poem. You capture the prompt to the core on this one.

Savannah said...

Congratulations. This poem won Acrostic Only's BWA award.

Kat said...

While all your poems deserve an award :)))) delighted to see the accolade received by way of BWA award.

The poem matches the picture and can feel it "fading away".