Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Limits of Love!


The red rose whispers of passion
And the white rose breathes of love.
( Now I'll start the rhyming........
Above, dove, glove, and shove!)
You see how the English language
Limits romantic thought!
Let me turn to another language,
Of a truly poetic sort.
The red rose whispers of passion
And the white rose says 'amour.'
The French are certainly people
Who know what words are for!
So, continuing in this fashion let me tell you 'Je t'adore!'
You thrill me to my marrow!You thrill me to the core!
Loving you night and day, dear, would never be a chore!
I thought I loved Miranda but I love you so much more!
Let me whisper in your ear, love, and tell you what's in store.
You're sweeter than every sweetheart that ever came before!
I knew you were the answer when you first came through the door!
Every time we kiss, my love, I'm shouting out 'Encore!'
Now I finally realise what I was waiting for!
With your love to enrich my life I never would feel poor!
My heart beats fast because you're here and I know our love is sure.

(Oh dear! I heard the girl respond 'Get lost, Jacques! You're a bore!')


quilly said...

Yes, well, if JAcques is going to romance her by listing all his past loves, why wait around to become one? Just leave now and save the heartache.

Cute poem. ;)

George S Batty said...

Wow. what a shot in the heart of poor Jacques. I cannot figure out whether he is just a nerd that canot connect or a womanizer that was discovered by by a very astute lady.
Makes you thing, wonder and ponder.
Nice. I have chosen the the wise lady scenario. My time is always well spent with either Rinky or Bry.

Sherri B. said...

lol! This was so clever and made me smile. :~)

Margaret Gosden said...

Once a man gets a good line and it works, it probably never changes UNTIL he meets The Changer!

jabblog said...

Neat and amusing - great fun.

Kat said...

Not sure if in the other language..

The white rose is naughty or
The French are naughty or
Brenda is naughty :)))

Jae Rose said...

Hi Rinkly - I like your humour on this Sunday can indeeed be a bore..passion on the other hand..Jae;)

Linda Jacobs said...

This is a riot! So clever and fresh!

Giggles said...

I too love the humour!! "Above, dove, glove and shove" I really enjoyed this! Love your rhyming too!

Elisha said...

You're right! I am so sick of people turning around lyrics in a song so they can get 'of' to be the last word of the line, Just so they can make some tortured and contrived rhyme with that word. Good point, and an Excellent poem!

Unknown said...

Ahh, oui!

Elizabeth said...

Really like your humorous take on a failure in language, and the fact that you backed it up with two people supposed speaking the same language, but ending up on opposite ends of the pole. A love poem that celebrates a love of language. Wonderful,


Lilibeth said...

You are so right about the French--they have so many words that rhyme and when you mingle it with English, voila, the choices are marvelous.

Saire said...

Haha - I love it :)

Other Mary said...

I really like this! It's so fun and clever :o)